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Airlite supports orthoform® in our commitment to consistently deliver high-quality products to the orthotics and prosthetics industry.

Product Type Description Typical Applications Flex. Mod.
(psi per ASTM D790)
Temp °F
LDPE Soft, flexible and lightweight Spinal orthoses requiring some support and comfort, upper extremity orthoses, flexible prosthetic sockets 32,000 275-330
HDPE High durability, high strength, resists cracks Spinal orthoses and body jackets, areas requiring good flexural fatigue properties 170,000 275-330
Modified PE Softness of LDPE with added rigidity for support Spinal orthoses requiring moderate to slight rigidity, upper extremity orthoses, prosthetic sockets 52,000 275-330
Polypropylene-homopolymer Good formability. Economical, rigid, high impact resistance Lower & upper extremity orthoses (AFO, DAFO, cro walkers, etc). Spinal orthoses required added support and stiffness, die cut components requiring good memory or “living hinge” characteristics 190,000 310-325
Polypropylene-Copolymer Very good formability
improved impact properties – good stiffness with a bit of flex
Lower extremity orthoses requiring a bit of flexibility,spinal braces, upper extremity orthoses 160,000 310-325
LLDPE Formability comparable to LDPE, soft, lightweight AFO applications requiring flexibility and resilience, flexible prosthetic sockets 40,000 275-330
TPE Ethylene propylene thermoplastic, semi- rigid, flexibility, durability Lower extremity orthotics property varies with grade 390-410
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